Tough questions

Videó lejátszása

The Érintettek Egyesület is dedicated to providing guidance, support, and answers to children with cancer and their families throughout their long and arduous journey towards recovery.

The Association faces a significant challenge in that, while they are present in the lives of the families they support, their selfless work often remains hidden behind medical providers. This results in low awareness even among affected families, leading to most 1% tax donations going directly to medical providers.

The goal of this campaign was to build awareness of the Érintettek Egyesület, clearly position their activities, and maximise 1% donations through an integrated campaign.  To achieve this, the campaign aimed to emotionally connect with the audience while avoiding overused, manipulative tactics and clichés, instead remaining authentic and genuine. We highlighted the honest and often heartbreaking questions of children battling cancer, pointing out that support on the path to recovery is important not only for them but also for their parents.