The real chocolate effect

Videó lejátszása

“Mmmmmm…” “This is really good!” “Can I have more?”
Oh, that’s just the “real-chocolate-effect” of a MIZO Túró Rudi.
Túró Rudi, as a dairy snack, might not be a household name globally, but it’s probably the most iconic one in Hungary.

MIZO’s product is a rather new player in a saturated market, but it has the possibility to become a real challenger with a unique RTB: while 95% of all Túró Rudi products are covered in low-quality compound chocolate, MIZO Túró Rudi is coated in high-quality, real chocolate! And the difference shows… or tastes, in our case!

Our campaign took the form of a social experiment with teenagers tasting MIZO’s real chocolate-coated Túró Rudi, reacting to its amazing and creamy taste and the satisfying crack of the chocolate.